At Versa we are more than just accountants, we understand the fluidity of the businesses we work with, and the vast array of sectors in which they operate.

The quality of the two-way dialogue we have with our clients provides us with great insight into the challenges they face on a daily basis.

The different strands of any business can face varied and difficult challenges, which is why we always adopt a very hands on approach to ensure our clients remain one step ahead of the competition.

What Sectors

Sectors we work with

Property & Construction

We engage with many clients involved in commercial property investment, development and construction, which…

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Film, media, fashion and technology

We have vast experience in these sectors where clients in hectic, creative industries often come to us…

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Professional Sports People

Our clients include professional sportsmen and women who, whilst focusing on their careers at the top,…

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Professional & Financial Services

While the nature of our clients’ business models varies greatly, Versa helps all professionals through a…

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Hotels, Leisure & Tourism

In these highly competitive sectors, small changes to business efficiency can have a huge impact on…

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